Warranty | Novata


Here at Novata, we understand the complexities and frustration in dealing with a broken or damaged product from the warehouse. Therefore, we ensure to prioritise our customer's rights and provide a 6-month warranty with all products sold. Moreover, as to ensure a smooth and easy process, we guarantee a reply to all emails within 2 working days.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a chance that purchased products may still be covered by manufacturers warranty so please contact them prior to contacting us.

"Product" means the product(s) that have been purchased from us.

"Novata" means Novata ltd.

"Customers" means the purchaser of said product(s).

What will be accepted for a return?

  • A Damaged product due to factory error.
  • Faulty products in which all of the usual functions are not accessible due to possible circuit or wiring malfunction.
  • Items which come incomplete from the warehouse. This includes missing parts.
  • When the item received is not that which was purchased by the buyer.
  • Defects of the product due to fault. This covers both hardware and software error.
  • Products which do not meet the provided description or criteria.


What will not be accepted? (all of which will be checked upon return)

  • Intentional damage to the product caused by the consumer.
  • Ill-treatment of the product resulting in subsequent damage.
  • Accidental damage caused to the product by the consumer
  • Liquid spilt on the product causing subsequent water damage.
  • General wear and tear caused by daily use.
  • Damage caused by overuse of the product.


How can I file for a return?

There are several options available when filing for a return. To initiate the return process, please send us an email via  returns@novata.co.uk

to ensure a smooth return, please include the following:

  • Your own name.
  • The products name.
  • Your reason for return.
  • The items serial number.
  • Country/region.
  • Photographed evidence of the damage (if applicable)

Once the email has been received by us, one of our support staff will review the case and find the easiest/most appropriate route to take based on the damage.


It is important to note that return requests will be denied if clear self-inflicted damage has been caused. Further, we will not be held accountable for any damage caused by postal services or care units.

All warranty repairs must be handled directly through novata.co.uk products opened or repaired by any other source will void warranties. novata.co.uk will cover all parts and labour or replace the product at our own discretion within the warranty period.