About us | Novata


As a group of young, techy students from the North West of England, we lusted after the latest tech gadgets.


There was just one major problem...


Everything was so expensive!


We asked our friends and family how they felt about it and it became clear that it wasn't just us that felt this way. 


There was a clear demand in the market for quality, high-end products at a cheaper, more affordable price...


We searched high and low for the best places to buy the big brand items at affordable prices, but we quickly found out that it wasn't going to be an easy task. 


And thus, Novata was born. 


We formed a team, committed to bringing you the best tech at the lowest possible price, and we aim to become the go-to place to shop for tech online. 


In future, we'll branch out and form our own product line - and we hope you'll join us along that journey... and tell your friends! 


In return, we'll aim to provide you with an excellent shopping experience, outstanding customer service, and laser fast shipping times. 


We hope you enjoy shopping on our site, and find that bargain you've been waiting for. 


If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram; or email us at info@novata.co.uk


Your friends at Novata.